Green Östergötland

The less chemicals you use, the better!

So, we guess that if you’re reading this blog entry now, you are an avid gardener yourself, right? Which in turn means that as we’re talking about the ways to compost your garden, the more you should be listening.

Plant Perennials

Yeah, getting your garden full of these ever-blooming trees or plants may enhance its look tremendously! Our piece of advice on that will be to firstly pick those perennials that are best adapted to your USDA Zone; you can find Zone information on the plant tag. To save money, you can buy small perennials.

Protect your bulbs

So, if you’re planting fllowers in your garden, there’s an additional thing or two that you might want to know about protecting the bulbs. This can ring especially true bell when we’re talking about either insects, birds or rodents who are known for partying in your garden, eating thise flower bulbs up…

Blemish-free roses

Well, for those of you who’ve never been busy with planting (or caring) for flowers, namely the roses – here’s a small listicle of tips, dos and do-nots. First of all, be sure to keep your efforts on both the flower’s pruning and the factor of keeping the center of the flower open to the sun at all times and at all…